Our Company

MG Industrial Products, Inc. is a privately owned and operated Manufacturer/Distributor of over 700 different industrial chemical specialty products for the Metals, Food and Paper Industries.  Offering a complete line of metal pretreatment products.  Cleaners are available for all types of process equipment from immersion tanks and spray washers to ultrasonic, electrolytic and vibratory finishing systems.  Inorganic and polymer conversion coatings and final rinse additives formulated to meet commercial, government and military specifications.  

If you are powder coating, wet painting, plating, drawing wire/cold forming or producing fine Paper Products we have the chemical products and equipment for you.  

We have products and processes designed with worker safety and the environment in mind.  

We Offer:

Personalized Service, we can develop products to your needs.

State of the Art Chemical Products.

Process Pre-Testing by our staff.

Availability of on-site chemists.

Cost Reduction and Control.

We ship throughout North America, Mexico, Pacific Rim and Europe.

Constant Development.

Consistent Quality and Delivery, we ship next day after receipt of order. Our manufacturing site is a no-discharge facility.

Small and Custom Packaging to suit your needs.  


Our Goals Include:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Safety
  • Product Quality
  • Order Accuracy
  • Production with Efficiency and Timing
  • Reduce Chemical and Overall Costs.  

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