From the small job shop to a large integrated mill, no customer is too small or too large for us to supply and assist.  Our customer base is varied; Automotive, parts for Aerospace, Defense, Coil Industry, Cold Forming, Chemical Specialties, Fine Paper and Food Industries.  

New Clients?  In today's competitive marketplace you must focus on manufacturing and delivering a quality product to your customers.  This means you must find suppliers of chemicals, equipment and services that can deliver what you need on time, every time - suppliers that will partner with you and become part of your team.  Because delaying with different suppliers is time consuming and diverts your focus, it's smart to find one supplier that truly has a complete solution to your needs.  

Give us a call, there is no charge for us visit on site to evaluate your process and provide cost saving recommendations

Promise of Value for our Clients:

  • Broad range of production chemicals.
  • Knowledge of how to apply them correctly and optimize their interaction.
  • Improved end product quality.
  • Increased production efficiency.
  • Environmental compliance.
  • Lowering you overall operating costs.
  • In short, we can help you be more profitable.
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